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Welcome to Passion radio, “Real music is our passion”
Based in Huddersfield we play the best, Reggae, Roots & Culture, RNB, Hip Hop, Basement & Soca,
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I have true love for music been connected to playing music from a very early age spinning tunes in my uncle`s parties or should I say blues dance. I believe music is the catalyst of love, inspiration and togetherness. I believe radio is one of the most powerful media, It offers the listener a connection through music, banter, update on what’s happening internationally, nationally and locally.

Honestly i could not say what is my favourite genre of music I grew listening to Stax, Atlantic, Motown, Blue Beat Ska, Rock, steady, Jazz, Blues and of course reggae and soca. If I had to choose one artist that truly inspired me it would have to be undoubtedly Curtis Mayfield a complete artist writer of great songs a social commentator, innovator and an artist who could touch your soul with his music. I also love the music and message of Bob Marley and the Wailers. There is no greater calypsonian than King Shorty.

Earth Rocker days were special times because it taught me about the bigger family friendship and community, I was the main mic man for many years cutting dub plates for the sound. I learnt so much from Burky, Mods and the late great Andy Greaves truly wonderful times.

To all Passion family worldwide I say blessed love.

(Familia super omnia) Family over everything

Catch me every Sunday 11-2PM


Music is my Passion. I grew up with music in the house. My mother was more of an Ken Boothe kinda gyal. My father played every kind of dub, studio one, clash, reggae and ragga. Music was life and having two sounds and singers in the extended family; I guess looking back now, it was only a matter of time before I would be playing the music, I had been collecting all my life. 

When I arrived in Huddersfield 20 years ago, I was listening to Love100. I saw Beenie Man, Scare Dem Crew and many more. Huddersfield was the lick! In 2012 I returned to Huddersfield and discovered Passion. It is with complete happiness that I hail up the Passion Radio veteran 45, who then discovered me. I never thought I would be a DJ but here I am! 

Catch me every Sunday 5-7pm for the best in reggae & lovers & Also every Monday night 8-10pm for the best in rare groves.


Hello welcome to Passion Radio - DJ 2 Bad here!   If you are reading this BIO it pretty much means we have something in common. 'BEAUTIFUL MUSIC'. From an early age of Funk, Motown, Disco, 80's RAP, Classic Soul, Afro beats, RnB and many other genre's too many to mention.  We are drawn to a religion called music. It brings us all together in a special unique way. Watching YO MTV Raps on TV with vivid music videos expressing emotion, history and fashion we followed, we shake, and we move.  This adventure started after graduating from UNI in Computer Science investing in my first laptop then tinkering with downloaded tracks of all kinds. Later that year I found myself playing tunes with a huge database of bangers for a large crowd at my cousin's birthday party whilst travelling down the Thames River in London. After that, it exploded.

For the next 20 years I observed and watched the best DJ's spinning tracks hypnotizing crowds.  From the 80's of DJ Jazzy Jeff and Grand-Master Flash who were the pinnacle of musical mixing to present day DJs I have taken the opportunity to establish events such as Soul4Redemption, joining the Passion Radio family, playing every Thursday 6pm till 8pm and playing at popular nightclub venues all over the UK, from London, Leeds, Manchester, York, Huddersfield.  

In my spare time I love travelling, movies such as comedy, sci-fi + action and adventure movies (but who doesn't). Meeting fans, extending my social media circle of friends on Mix cloud, Facebook (Djustoobad) and Instagram (toobadjus) interacting with all the listeners. Let’s keep the music flowing and a massive thank-you for the most amazing support. 

Stay blessed, focused, positive and lock in!

Catch me every Thursday 6-8pm for the very best in afro beats

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