I have true love for music been connected to playing music from a very early age spinning tunes in my uncle`s parties or should i say blues dance. I believe music is the catalyst of love, inspiration and togetherness. I believe radio is one of the most powerful medium it offers the listener a connection through music, banter, update on whats happening internationally, nationally and locally.

Honestly i could not say what is my favourite genre of music i grew listening to Stax, Atlantic, Motown, Blue Beat Ska, Rock, steady, Jazz, Blues and of course reggae and soca. If I had to choose one artist that truly inspired me it would have to be undoubtedly Curtis Mayfield a complete artist writer of great songs a social commentator, innovator and an artist who could touch your soul with his music. I also love the music and message of Bob Marley and the Wailers. There is no greater calypsonian than King Shorty.

Earth Rocker days were special times because it taught me about the bigger family friendship and community i was the main mic man for many years cutting dub plates for the sound. I learnt so much from Burky, Mods and the late great Andy Greaves truly wonderful times.

To all Passion family worldwide i say blessed love.

(Familia super omnia) Family over everything

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