Sister LP

Music is my Passion. I grew up with music in the house. My mother was more of an Ken Boothe kinda gyal. My father played every kind of dub, studio one, clash, reggae and ragga. Music was life and having two sounds and singers in the extended family; I guess looking back now, it was only a matter of time before I would be playing the music I had been collecting all my life.

When I arrived in Huddersfield 20 years ago I was listening to Love100. I saw Beenie Man, Scare Dem Crew and many more. Huddersfield was the lick! In 2012 I returned to Huddersfield and discovered Passion. It is with complete happiness that I hail up the Passion Radio veteran 45, who then discovered me. I never thought I would be a DJ but here I am!
Catch me every Sunday 5-7pm for the best in reggae & lovers & Also every Monday night 8-10pm for the best in rare groves.